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End Connecter Banjo

Sunren - End Connecter Banjo

SunRen Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of and exports vehicle brake supplies. Banjo fittings are one of our wide range of brake products.

We are a leading manufacturer of brass End Connector Banjo. We use premium-quality brass and row material for every banjo fitting we manufacture.

Markets where we supply banjo connector

Automotive, Transportation, Defence, Industrial, Infrastructure, Energy, Power Generation, Oil and gas, Machine Tools, Process, Materials Handling, Mobile, Environment, and Water.

Features of our hydraulic banjo fittings:

High corrosion resistance:

White rust has an overall protection against corrosion of more than 500 hours thanks to the Cr (VI)-free surface coating. This quality increases the fittings’ lifespan.

Surface made of stainless steel:

Compared to steel, stainless steel banjo connector hose offers a stronger temperature resistance and a higher corrosion resistance to hostile media and environmental impacts. These qualities increase the number of applications.

Banjo fittings can withstand pressures of up to 400 bar (S series) and 315 bar (L series). These qualities expand the number of applications.

Application of end connector banjo

Our fittings are compatible with all hydraulic uses.

Apart from everything, our banjo price is the most cost-effective.


Banjo fittings are hydraulic fittings consisting of the internally relieved bolt, perforated hollow bolt, and spherical union for fluid transfer. Banjo fitting connects the fluid line with an internally threaded, rigid hydraulic component. It is also used in motors and cylinders as a working port. This fitting is versatile and functional, therefore, requires more attention from designers and technicians.

An end connector banjo is a vital part of a banjo fitting. They are commonly used in automobiles fuel, power steering, motor oil and hydraulic system. Banjo connectors connect the brake lines with the cylinder to regulate the pressure and activate the brake pedal. A well-installed banjo connector is tightly sealed, further reinforced by the banjo connector washer fitted to it. By not allowing the holes of the bolt to line up, these washers let the fluid flow around the bolt, and with this, flexible lines installation becomes easier.

Banjo bolts transfer liquid from the banjo fitting through the bolt’s centre to the calliper and other devices. 10mm*1.25 metric thread is a banjo bolt fitting.

Banjo bolts are commonly used to transmit fluid. It comes in sizes 6mm to 42mm od, 1/8 inch to 2”, with different combinations of threads.

To fix a leaking banjo bolt, you must use a crush washer on each side of the banjo fitting. Crush washers strengthen the seal provided by banjo bolts, making it very hard to leak, except when they start losing their effectiveness. There are some crush washers, but solid aluminium crush washers are a well-liked option as they are known for working properly. You can also try “Stat-O-Seal” style washers.

Install two new crush washers and whirl the bolt to 96 to 120 in-lbs. Remember not to exceed t144 in-lbs. Twist for lighter specifications and check the leakage; increase the twists only when you want to stop the leakage but stay within maximum specification. When re-assembly is required, replace the banjo bolt and crush the washer.

Using a plumber’s tape or pipe thread compound, you can stop the threaded fittings from leaking. The steps of both procedures are almost the same, with a slight difference. Steps followed for stopping the leakage: • Unscrew the halves of the fitting and ensure that the threads are damaged. • Clean all the old sealant or grit from the male and female threads and dry them with a towel. • Then, if you use a plumber’s tape, bundle it up tightly around the male pipe three to five times. Wrap it in a clockwise direction. • If you use the pipe thread compound, put a few drops in the male thread fitting. Use drops, around four to five, depending on the size, in the fitting space. • For the plumber’s tape, shove the tape into the thread and run your thumb around the threads to push out the air bubbles. • In the case of a pipe thread compound, tightly screw the fittings together. Remove the excess compound with the help of a towel. • For the plumber’s tape, tightly screw the fitting together. • For pipe thread compound, before using the pipe, leave the compound to dry up completely and then run water through it.

You can use a pair of callipers for male and female banjo fittings. To determine the diameter from the outside of the threads of a banjo bolt, it has a lengthy, clamping mechanism that clamps down on the male tip of the bolt. On the other end, there are two tiny measures that are used to gauge the size of the female end from inside the ring. A superior quality pair of callipers will give you a detailed measurement. Analog versions are highly suggested. The very same method was applied to the female internal measurement. A calliper has a succeeding pair of female measuring tips on the opposite side of the male measuring tips.

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