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Which is better – a spiral or braided hydraulic Hose?

Which is better – a spiral or braided hydraulic Hose?

Sunren   |   Updated : 08 Oct, 2022, 7:35 pm

Most Hydraulic Brake Hoses are either spiral Hoses or braided hoses. Many people got confused about whether to use spiral Hose or braided Hose. This article will discuss the spiral and braided Hose and which one should be best under which circumstances.

What is Spiral Hose?

Spiral Hose has 3-5 layers or more steel wire spiral reinforcement that helps add strength to the Hose. It makes the spiral Hose strong but, at the same time, rigid too; these hoses are not easy to bend. Spiral Hydraulic Hose is designed with a high tensile steel wire spiral, enabling it to work under high pressure compared to a braided Hose. More steel layers can be used for reinforcement to increase the strength and pressure enduring capacity.

What is Braided Hose?

Braided Hydraulic Hose is a 2-layer steel wire braided reinforcement; it has woven high tensile steel wires overlapping each other. Automotive hose manufacturers use advanced technology for braiding the steel wires to make the strong braided reinforcement for the Braided Hydraulic Hose. Braided steel adds strength and flexibility to the Hose. To enhance the strength of the Hose, more braided steel wires can be used while manufacturing the Hose.

Difference between Spiral Hose and Braided Hose:

The use of both Spiral Hose and Braided Hose is similar, but they are different from each other. The factors which differ between these hoses are as follows:

1. Construction

The biggest difference between spiral and braided hoses comes in the construction of their reinforcement layer, which gives both hoses a different appearance.

In a spiral Hose, various steel wires are similarly wrapped around the inner tube to create reinforcement. The process of manufacturing a spiral hose is faster than the braided Hose.

In Braided Hose, a criss-cross pattern is built by braiding various steel wires to create reinforcement around the inner tube. Unlike spiral Hose, the process of manufacturing braided Hose is a bit complicated because of its design.

2. Flexibility

Spiral Hose consists of many layers of steel wires, making it very rigid. It isn’t easy to bend this Hose because it has less flexibility.

Braided Hose is very flexible due to its interlocking design. You can bend this Hose very easily.

3. Durability

Spiral Hose is more durable when compared to braided Hose. Over time, due to various changes in the pressure level and continuous usage, the braided Hose loses its tensile strength, and the tightness between the wires also starts weakening. At the same time, the spiral Hose is higher in resistance due to the various layers of steel wires, which makes it more durable.

Which Hose is better, Spiral Hose and Braided Hose?

The decision between a better Hose between Spiral Hose and Braided Hose depends on various circumstances. In some cases, spiral Hose proves better than Braided Hose, and in other cases, braided Hose performs better than spiral Hose. It all depends on the circumstances you want to use this Hose.

The criteria for deciding which Hose is better are as follows:

1. If the application requires high flexibility

If the application of the Hose requires high flexibility, then a braided Hose is better than a spiral Hose. Braided Hose has interlocked pattern, which makes them more flexible, and spiral Hose has various layers of steel, which makes them more rigid.

2. High-pressure holding capacity

If you want the Hose with enduring high-pressure capacity, then a spiral Hose is better than a braided Hose due to the construction design of its reinforcement. But now some manufacturers are introducing the high-pressure enduring braided Hose too.

3. If you want the Hose with high durability

And select the Hose based on its durability, then a spiral Hose is better than a braided Hose. Because of its enduring high-pressure capacity, the spiral Hose is more durable and good for the long run.


Both spiral and braided Hose are proven best based on their different uses. You can buy a good quality hydraulic spiral or braided Hose from any reputable Steel Hydraulic Break Hose Assembly Manufacturer.

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